I hereby confirm that the information/details entered in the system are true and correct and I shall be solely responsible for any inaccuracy/misstatement/misinformation provided.
By clicking on “Submit” you have permitted and authorised Mercury Laboratories Limited and its Share Transfer Agent Link Intime India Private Ltd.,(“Link Intime”), Registrars & Share Transfer Agents (“RTA”), who have been appointed as RTA by various companies, to receive, use and store your sensitive personal information and the documents submitted or any other data such as inter alia, your name, email address, gender, age, PIN code, bank account details etc, verify & update information/data provided by you in regard to your shareholding in the respective company for updation in Folio/DP-ID/Client ID. In the event, the information provided by you is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete or Link Intime has reasonable grounds to believe that the Registration Data or any part thereof is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, then the information/data provided shall not be updated by Link Intime/Issuer Company against the Folio/DP-ID/Client ID and neither Link Intime nor the Issuer Company shall be responsible for non-updation of the same. Please note that the said arrangement is based on the various MCA circulars to enable effective communications with the shareholders. Shareholders should kindly note that those who hold shares in electronic mode and have not yet registered the abovementioned details, must register the same with the Depository through their Depository Participant(s) since the information submitted by them will be temporality stored by us.